Four Rivers prides itself on a strong presence in the communities it serves with a good reputation. Supporting an organization such as Four Rivers through a Sponsorship not only promotes yourself, business or organization as helping a charity but it also assists in providing vital services to the community.

There are several various ways businesses, individuals or community groups can be involved in sponsoring projects, events, programs and daily instructional materials. Here are just a few:

  • Special Events – Fundraising events held on behalf of the agency
  • Fellowship Day – Annual party held for all of Four Rivers’ consumers
  • Holiday Parties – Annual Christmas party held for Four Rivers’ consumers
  • KidStuff Preschool – Classroom supplies, instructional materials, snacks and party supplies
  • Healthy Families – Presents and supplies for new moms
  • FRIENDS – Four Rivers’ interactive consumer fellowship group – Crafts, games, snacks and instructional materials
  • There are many more ways to get involved!

Contact the Resource Development Department at 812.254.3207 to see how your sponsorship can make a difference.

“Why I Donate”
“I cannot think of any better use of time and resources.”
Bryan Engleman
Bryan serves on the Four Rivers and Daviess – Martin Board.