At Four Rivers, our experienced Industrial Division performs manufacturing and service operations, employs people with and without disabilities and subcontracts with employers who want to add a dependable, dedicated workforce to their existing operations and expand their current capabilities, either temporarily or on an on-going basis.

Four Rivers has 25 years of experience in working as a prime and subcontractor. The four Industrial Divisions are located in southwestern Indiana which can produce, manufacture and distribute a wide range of products. Each location has their own production area available to take on several different jobs with no job being too small. They can work as a prime or subcontractor providing experience, capability and dependability. Quality is the number one priority.

Our Capabilities:

  • Work from a pattern or Cad drawing
  • Read and understand MIL Specifications to meet requirements
  • Develop items from written and verbal instructions to meet requirements
  • Access to a very diverse workforce that has experience in several different areas or can be easily trained to meet specific requirements

Our Equipment:

  • Industrial sewing machines: flat seam, serger/ 3 or 5 thread, single needle, double needle, single and double needle walking foot, programmable tackers, programmable buttonhole, blind stitch, pleater
  • Fabric spreader
  • Cutting table
  • Eastman knives, cuts several layers of fabric at a time
  • Eastman cutter, cuts various types of webbing and binding to specific weights and heat seal the ends
  • Fabric inspection machine/cutter
  • Forklifts
  • Pallet jacks
  • Pallet wrapper
  • Heat sealers
  • Industrial paper shredders

The close proximity Four Rivers has to major interstates such as Interstate 70, 64 and upcoming 1-69 along with highways 59, 41, 231 and 57 make it convenient and accessible to companies. Four Rivers can meet your delivery schedules and provide the quality products and services you expect. Just call 812.268.4371 and arrange an appointment. We will review your specifications and submit a bid for your consideration. Whether you need to subcontract with us or need us to be a prime contractor the quality and delivery expectations will always be met.

“I am now able to stand on my own two feet. Thank God for Four Rivers and everybody who helped me through my darkest days. You really make a difference.”
Mabel Burdette, Quality Assurance Specialist
Mabel described herself prior to working for Four Rivers as “depressed and lacking self-confidence” but through her position with SCARC Industries, she began to feel better about herself. She has since been promoted to Quality Assurance Specialist and knows her darkest days are behind her.