Four Rivers Housing Services – Building affordable housing; creating homes.

Vision and Purpose: To develop opportunities for people with disabilities, low to moderate income families and the general public in finding safe, affordable and accessible housing in our communities.

Four Rivers commitment to our agency Mission and our long-standing willingness to respond to community needs led us to expand into housing and achieve status as a certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). Four Rivers is qualified to access state and federal funding to develop new housing and rehabilitate older housing in the communities we serve.

Four Rivers first housing project was the rehabilitation to the Plainville Group Home in 2006. The home was made more accessible for the clients living there and also for anyone visiting friends or relatives in the home. Following the group home rehabilitation was our first major project with the development of the thirty-two unit Independence Place apartment complex in Linton, completed in 2008. We followed that in 2009 with the building of a three-bedroom home in Sullivan that was purchased by a family of four. During 2010 and early 2011, Four Rivers added thirty-two more units of housing in Linton. The development is called Liberty Place and consists of duplexes, townhomes and single family homes. In the fall of 2011 Four Rivers completed construction in Washington of a twenty-four unit apartment complex to be called Covered Bridge Apartments.

Future projects in the communities we serve will be developed as the need arises for affordable housing. Four Rivers will design housing to serve persons and families with disabilities, low to moderate income individuals and families, the elderly and the general population within our communities.

Housing Development Contact:
Mark Hunter
2212 East National Highway
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812.254.4471
Fax: 812.254.4633
Email: markh@frrs.mystagingwebsite.com

Housing Management Contact:
Rita Smith
740 K Street SE, Unit 9 Office
Linton, IN 47441
Phone: 812.847.2690
Fax: 812.847.2692
Email: rsmith@frrs.mystagingwebsite.com

Covered Bridge Apartments Contact:
Steve Scherle
C.R. 569 W. 150 S. Bldg. 100
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812.254.4910
Fax: 812.254.4459

“I like my job and it has helped me reach independence. I’m trying to save for a car and am seeking a better paying job. I appreciate the help that Heather at Work One and Rita with Four Rivers/Independence Place have given me, it has been great.”
Our Housing Division has a Self-Sufficiency Program that provides for homeless individuals. Allen was homeless but qualified for the Self-Sufficiency Program and was able to access affordable housing at Independence Place.