Healthy Families

Daviess-Martin Healthy Families has been a part of Healthy Families Indiana and Healthy Families America since October of 1994. Healthy Families America home visiting initiative has sites across the nation. Indiana has affiliated with Healthy Families America to adopt program standards and replicate the model statewide.

Healthy Families is a voluntary home visitation program designed to promote healthy families and healthy children through a variety of services including child development, access to health care and parent education. The program serves families identified as at-risk, with children 0-3 years. Program goals include prevention of negative birth outcomes (low birth weight, substance abuse, criminal activity, child abuse and neglect); increased parenting skills; healthy pregnancy practices; and the use of social systems. Assessments are conducted either prenatally or at the time of birth. Home visiting can begin either prenatally in the third trimester or within 90 days after birth.

The Family Support Specialist (FSS) visits at least once a week for up to one year. The FSS helps establish support systems, teaches problem- solving skills, enhances positive parent-child interaction, and offers information, education and referrals to community resources. Once a family is in the program, they can receive services for up to 3 years.

Who We Serve

Mothers who are participants of WIC (Women, Infant and Children), self referrals and referrals from other social service agencies.

Why Healthy Families?

  • Because parenting is a demanding job. It comes loaded with stresses, surprises, concerns and questions.
  • Because parents are the most important people in a child’s life. Period.
  • Because the life a young child has, especially in the first 3 years, shapes how they will behave, how they will learn…shapes the person they will become.
  • Because children deserve to grow up in healthy, safe, loving families.
  • Because parents deserve to have some support in this very important job.

What We Do

We come to you; we listen, support and equip you for the most important job ever! “BEING A PARENT”.

Whether it’s a one-time question, or on-going support and encouragement that you can count on, Healthy Families is here for you!

If you would like more information or to talk with someone about our Healthy Families program, you can contact us at 812.254.4471.

“In the three years they were with us we saw them grow as parents.”
Mary Norris, Services Coordinator/Supervisor
Mary stated this about Kayla, Christopher and their son, Zaos, who graduated from the Healthy Families program by showing growth in many areas and the investment they made into their family.