Employment Services

Prospective Employees

Four Rivers’ Employment Services, called JobSource, assists individuals with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and retain competitive employment. The goal for the individuals in this program is to gain meaningful employment in a community setting, increased opportunities for developing relationships with others, increased opportunities for informed decision-making and increased competencies in performing required job skills.

Serving individuals in Daviess, Martin, Greene and Sullivan counties, JobSource partners with Vocational Rehabilitation, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities, Waiver Case Managers and the Social Security Administration to help individuals achieve their goals for community employment.

There are two types of employment services:

  • Supported Employment
    This program is for individuals who receive support in finding and retaining a job. Once a job is found, the Community Resource Consultant provides long-term support and training.
  • Placement Assistance
    This program helps individuals who do not need on-going supports to retain a job. Individuals in this program are very active in their job search. When the individual can do the job well, they are considered successfully employed and no longer in need of further supports or assistance.

What services are provided by JobSource?

  • Development of an individualized plan with client input to define vocational goals and supports/service necessary to attain that goal
  • Assistance in identifying any obstacles to employment and providing referrals to maximize success
  • Help the client understand how their benefits would be impacted by going to work
  • Pre-employment instruction in areas such as:
    • Personal appearance
    • Punctuality and attendance
    • Job skills assessment
    • Occupational interests
    • Developing an effective resume
    • Job application completion
    • Interview skills and practice
    • Accessing community resources
  • Job Development
    • Job search skills
    • Referral to work keys assessment
  • Job Placement
    • On-site job training analysis and assistance
    • Development of on-site “natural supports”
    • Advocate between client and employer
    • Necessary support to ensure job retention and mutual satisfaction in the workplace.

Things to Remember…

A job can change your life in so many good ways…. make money, have fun, feel good about yourself, have a purpose in life and make friends.

If you get benefits, you CAN still work and KEEP your benefits!

Prospective Employers

JobSource, Four Rivers’employment program, assists individuals with disabilities and employers in finding successful employment matches. Four Rivers’ Community Resource Consultant (CRC) works with JobSource participants to access skills and abilities, develop a resume, set-up interviews, complete applications, interview for jobs and may supplement training provided by the employer. CRC’s can provide initial support or ongoing support which can vary from monthly contact to continuous assistance at the job site.

Are there hiring incentives for prospective employers?

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) (as approved by state legislature) is available for both Supported Employment and Placement Assistance individuals that have an approved Individualized Plan for Employment. An employer who pays taxes and wages is eligible to take advantage of the WOTC program.
  • On the job training is also another hiring incentive for potential employers for Placement Assistance individuals only. On the job training is an individualized training program, designed and conducted at the actual worksite. The job applicant receives the specific skill training needed to secure employment.

How does JobSource support employers?

Once a person is hired, a CRC acts as a consultant to the employer and provides as little or as much support as needed for the employee’s success. This means services at each job site will be different, ranging from assistance with required paperwork to on the job training. It’s all tailored to the needs of the person and the employer because the goal is satisfaction of both.

Besides helping the new employee, the CRC works with co-workers to help them welcome and support the person as part of their team. The CRC will keep providing support until the employer and employee agree it’s no longer needed. However, the CRC can return to the job site if the need arises. For example, the CRC could return to support the employer in training the person on some new job duties.

What are the benefits of hiring a person with a disability?

  • Reduced turnover – Employers with persons with disabilities often have reduced turnover because the employees are eager to work, making them likely to stay with a job once hired. JobSource has been very successful with 75% of individuals still being employed, in the same position, 30 days after being hired.
  • Job matching – We offer job matching to ensure you get an applicant who is qualified and ready to do the job.
  • On-going support – We provide on-going support to assist with future needs that might arise.
  • WOTC – The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is issued to employers of persons with disabilities.
  • Safety – A DuPont survey of people with disabilities reported that 97% of employees with disabilities were rated average or above average in safety.
  • ADA compliance – We offer information to help you comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Who do I contact to find out more about JobSource?

Just contact the nearest Four Rivers facility near you.


“I like the money. I like how the people treat me, too.”
JobSource staff and Daviess County museum staff worked together to ensure Joe’s success. His co-workers rave about how clean Joe gets everything and they watch out for his well being. Joe is very proud of his job and tells others how JobSource staff helped him to find employment.