Supported Living

Supported Living is individualized supports provided by staff and other entities to allow people to live successfully and safely in the environments they choose. This might be in their own home, a parent’s or relative’s home, with their spouses and/or children or with roommates. Supported Living can be for people of all ages, including children. The services provided, based on individual needs, range from staff visits of only a few hours per week to 24 hour shifted staff. Supports are tailored to meet individual needs and desires, regardless of age. In addition to the general services provided, other additional Supported Living services consist of the following:

  • Assistance with applying and maintaining benefits such as food stamps and Medicaid
  • Assistance with applying and maintaining energy assistance
  • Assistance with seeking employment or other day services
  • Coordinating services with home health care, if needed
  • Assistance or arranging an assessment for and acquisition of assistive technology
  • Assistance with obtaining and participating in therapies such as: physical, speech and occupational (provided by the company/agency of the individual’s choosing