Skills and Training Program

The Skills and Training Program promotes independence and expands opportunities for adults with disabilities through individualized goals, meaningful activities and community integration and promotes enjoyment of the process. Trained, caring staff members assist each consumer in setting and reaching their personal goals for independence.

Our qualified staff serves individuals each weekday at our four locations (Washington, IN; Loogootee, IN; Sullivan, IN; and Lyons, IN). Participants reside in group homes, residential settings, on their own or with their families. Transportation may be provided by local facilities, residential providers, public transit and/or families.

Work Services

Four Rivers offers vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Individuals learn valuable skills while earning a paycheck. Each client has input into their personal vocational goals.

Through contracts with local businesses, Four Rivers’ Industrial facilities offer workers the opportunity to perform jobs. Work is available whenever possible… people can earn a paycheck while learning how to do a skill, stay on a job and follow directions!

Why choose the Skills and Training Program?

The following are just a few of the many benefits in choosing the Skills and Training Program:

  • Activities based on individual abilities and interests that enhance life skills, creativity and self-esteem
  • Daily interaction with friends and staff members
  • Opportunities to explore hobbies and special interests through educational classes, community participation and fitness and recreation activities

The Skills and Training program gives goals and expectations which are realistic and measurable but also challenging. People are encouraged to try new things and pursue their goals through a thoughtful step by step progression to expand their skills.

All classes and activities are routine, organized and scheduled on a consistent basis. A variety of activities are offered and people are encouraged to choose, learn and participate in:

  • Community outings and volunteer work (provided through our Community Connections program)
  • Music
  • Nature classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Visiting with friends
  • Games
  • Creating works of art
  • Readings and discussions
  • Computer skills classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Literacy classes

The opportunities are endless!