Personal Enrichment Program

Welcome to the newest addition to Adult Services’ Day Services! This service is currently available at our Daviess County facility and is designed to provide more intense supports in a safe, comfortable and “enriching” setting for those individuals with higher support needs. Recently there have been many changes in residential waivers, where people are expected to spend part of their day in group services. We hope to expand this program as more and more individuals will be looking for group services as part of their waiver plan. Four Rivers wants to be responsive to the ever changing needs of the people we serve.

What do people do in PEP?

Again, the activities and supports are based on what is in a person’s individual plan. Many of the activities chosen are the same as those offered in the Skills and Training Program. The difference is that staff may need to provide supports like restroom attendance, feeding assistance and position shifting/transferring in order to allow the person to participate in activities.

Other more specialized activities may include physical therapy exercises and sensory integration activities. Due to endurance limitations, recliners, bean bag chairs and a hospital bed are provided to allow persons more restful positions while participating in daily activities. As much as possible, individuals are encouraged to participate in the larger group skills and training activities to allow for a full and socially active day.

Would I qualify for PEP?

A person must first have a waiver in order to qualify for this service. Also, the individual’s support team will help make the determination as to whether PEP would be appropriate. If you have more questions about this new service please feel free to call Rachel Headley, Adult Services Deputy Director, at 812.847.2231 or email her at