Adult Services

Four Rivers accepts eligible individuals with a wide variety of skills, interests, barriers and disabilities.
Eligibility and funding for services are provided by various entities of the State, Federal and local Government along with private donations. If you, or someone you know, are unsure about being eligible for services, contact the nearest Four Rivers location listed below and they will guide you to the appropriate state office.

What are our Basic Beliefs?

  • People with disabilities are community members and should have the opportunity to be an active participant.
  • People with and without disabilities seek fulfillment and happiness by various means including: pursuit of their work, hobbies, personal relationships and community service.
  • Learning is a life-long process. The best way to learn is “by doing”. People with developmental disabilities are no different in this respect than anyone else.
  • Four Rivers’ role is to provide the supports and safety nets to accomplish the above.

Where do we start?

By finding out what is important to the person and their families. Four Rivers’ supports are based on the individual’s plan. Each plan is designed to cultivate personal growth in areas they choose… meaningful days, balance, happiness, learning and productivity are all qualities in a person’s life we want to encourage.

Therefore, the support services provided by Four Rivers vary according to the individual’s needs and interests. We support education, volunteering, hobbies and socialization. These activities are conducted in the community and /or at local facilities.

What is our program?

Obviously, it is different things to different people served. We are:

  • An employer, providing an opportunity to earn a paycheck.
  • A vocational trainer, helping build skills needed to get a job. When a person wants a community job, we will try to help them find the job, provide extra job training and follow up as needed to keep the job.
  • We are a social club where people can interact with their peers in a safe, non-threatening environment.
  • Teachers, providing continuing adult education where people can learn to live more independently. Learning to read, cook, comparison shop, exercise safely, eat wisely, budget smartly, how to cultivate friendships and influence other people are all things people often choose to learn.

Where are we?

There are four locations in four different counties. They are: Daviess County (Red Door) 812.254.4471, Greene County (GCDS) 812.659.2197, Martin County (Red Door) 812.295.4494 and Sullivan County (SCARC) 812.268.4371.

What about Four Rivers’ staff?

An agency is no better than the people that work for them. Our staff go through a stringent process of background checks, drug testing, orientation and training in order to serve you or your loved ones. Our staff is dedicated, hardworking and responsible and goes the “extra mile”. WE LOVE OUR JOBS and WE WANT TO SERVE YOU!

Ongoing training is required. Policies and procedures are followed in order to assure we are striving to provide the best, safest, and effective services possible. Additionally, Four Rivers must go through many inspections and surveys to satisfy the government that our agency provides honest, safe and quality services to the people we serve.

“I like to volunteer because it gives me something to do.” Kenny
Through the Community Connections program, Kenny volunteers at Linton Community Food Pantry. Kenny is a likable young man and has become more sociable and is not as shy.