Additional Services

Life After School Project (LASP)

Four Rivers and the Greene-Sullivan Special Education Cooperative (GSSEC) have worked together for 3 years to promote employment training, skills and opportunities for students still in school. Eligible students tell staff what they are interested in and what job they’d like to try. Local employers are matched to the students and the work begins! Most students work at least one semester for a couple of hours each day. This time is counted as part of their school credits. Although the student is not paid wages, the experience and skills they gain will give them a valuable “head start” when they graduate. The LASP staff makes sure each student is linked with any services that may benefit them such as: Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Security and Medicaid benefits and Medicaid Waivers referrals.


Consumers at Four Rivers have formed an interactive group called “FRIENDS”. They meet every third Thursday afternoon of each month. The purpose is to provide friendship, fun and a purpose in life. FRIENDS host many parties throughout the year such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. There are many outside activities that include relay races, games and picnics. One of the many highlights throughout the years is the famous “Talent Show”. Other fun activities include playing Bingo and making craft items. FRIENDS group also enjoy attending activities offered in the community and having people in the community present fun and educational items of interest to the group. Overall, FRIENDS is all about having good friends, enjoying each others’ company and having the most fun together you can!

“I like my job and the people I work with here. I don't think it would have been possible without the LASP Program giving me a chance to prove myself.”
Chase participated in an internship through the LASP Program at Northside Machine Company and after graduation became employed by them.